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I am a bastard neighbor

Earlier tonight, I took laundry out of the washer (and then the dryer) when they'd been sitting dormant for ~45 minutes. Sorry, but I need my laundry done before midnight.

Just now, I went to tell my downstairs neighbor that he puts his music too loud every night around 10:30-11pm just as I'm trying to fall asleep. You cats who've been reading my journal for awhile know how dearly I need my sleep.

But on the flip side, I'm a good employee. I finished tomorrow's project (according to my self-imposed deadline) tonight during DS/CR. I rewarded myself with a pretty elegant episode of Mythbusters. That was a frickin' bitchin' lead balloon. And who knows? Tomorrow I might join an intraoffice LAN game or play some darts. I could get used to this whole work hard/play hard dynamic.

It beats "word hard/cry hard" when the bills come and paycheck is just not enough.

Treat for you.

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