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We got it

Well, I guess that means I really do have to clean my apartment now, so my landlord can show it and I can get out of my lease.

West Newton, here we come.

Things to do:
1. Shop for banks. My current bank is my current bank a) because it's a local/regional which means better service than a national, and especially b) it's right down the street for me. New bank will need to be close by in W. Newton but also convenient (at least ATM-wise) to South Station in Boston. Hmm. Also need to set up joint account (eep!) as a house account for the lady and I.

2. Fix up my motorcycle. The ethanol sludge they put in gas these days means that since my bike's been sitting since the last storm, the gas has gone bad. I probably need to drain the tank and refill it, and I'll need to finally install the petcock diaphragm I ordered like eleventy billion weeks ago. This way I can ride my bike to the new apartment rather than trailering it.

3. Rent/borrow a truck in early Feb to haul my dad's bike from tckma's garage in Northborough to the new garage. Then the restoration project can finally begin.

4. Tell my landlord that I will, in fact, be moving our per our conversation, and find out how much he plans to ask for the apartment when it goes back on the market. Check with nedod people to see if anyone knows anyone looking for a swank bachelor pad in the heart of Waltham. Target: March 1 move-in.

5. These are in no particulate order.

6. Find a washer free/cheap on craigslist. Apartment comes with a dryer left by some former tenants, but no washer. Hooray, not having to wait to do laundry. If there's laundry in the machine, I'll know whose it is and where I can dump it.

Tomorrow's my last day in banking.

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