The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Car, Job, Now Apartment?

So Becca and I looked at apartments this weekend. 2 BR with a garage. Her lease is up end-of-Feb, but her landlord will give her an extension. I'm in my place til June, but the prices this time of year are better because no one's looking. I ran some numbers and it actually makes more sense to move into a cheap place now and pay double rent for a few months (though I'd try to find a replacement tenant before my lease actually ends) than to pay much more later in the year when students are looking for housing. Because whatever we'd get in May would be what we'd be paying all year-round. Plus, Becca and I just really want to live together. Yes, we are stupid cuddleheaded perpetual-honeymooners.

We found a nice unit in West Newton, four blocks from the train station (on the line that goes to South Station and my new job. I am currently on the line that goes to North station and so have to switch trains). The location is killer. The place itself is not 100% ideal. The 2 bedrooms are not much bigger than a queen-sized mattress, and the radiators make positioning a bed even harder. But we figured out that we could make the living room our bedroom (and get a wardrobe) and then we'd each have our own room to go to. This is huge, because we both like our alone time. We'd make the 2 BRs into a study/office or sitting room/crafts room. Plus there's another room off the kitchen that's workable as a breakfast nook or an alternate office. Or a storage space. And it has 2 sun porches (enclosed porches, basically); one off the kitchen and one off the living room (which would then be our bedroom). So it's got a lot of space, but it's not well-allocated. There are actually a lot of rooms, which means there are a lot of spaces. Places where you can close the door. So Becca can be on the phone and not have to listen to me blowing shit up in whatever computer game of the moment I'm playing. But things like her bed and my couch don't have a decent space where we can plunk them down. Though the one place where it really matters (to Becca), the kitchen, is plenty spacious (she likes to cook, this is not a sexist statement). But it will take some work, and some adjusting to get set up in there. But from what we have seen, we will not be able to find that kind of location for that price anywhere. Barely at this time of year, let alone in May. We'll each be paying about $200/mo. less than we're paying now, which is awesome for first paying off credit cards and then saving for a down payment. Especially since we both got pretty good raises recently. I'm ok with somewhat cramped if it means we'll be in a house of our own before the prices start to go back up in 2009(?).

So right now, we're talking about how to juggle not only our furniture but also our finances to come up with the rent and security (at least until we get ours back on our respective apartments). If we get the apartment for sure, I have to have The Talk with my landlord about finding someone to move in to my apartment. I hate to break the lease because he's an awesome landlord, but as long as I make it clear I'm not going to stiff him, I think he'll be ok with putting it on craigslist. I'm sure he could find someone by March, April at the latest. I mean, my apartment is in an awesome location, has offstreet parking, and plenty of space. Just not enough space for two, and no garage. I'll finally be able to fix up my dad's bike! (Plus a Feb move-in means less juggling with regard to storing my bike at Tom's place, which he is preparing to vacate.)

Now that it's been 10 years since I worked at a TJMaxx, it's finally seeming like it's ok for me to go back into one without any major psychological trauma. And a good thing, too, because I found nothing in the way of a coat at the department stores I went to. But I found a super-awesome wool coat to replace the one I tore the buttons off of (pretty old hand-me-down it was), some slippers, and a shirt and some pants I can wear to my new job. Now that I work in an office that's extra-casual, I'm making enough money to dress well. So yeah, I'll probably be one of the better dressed guys at my place of business, which is weird to think about. But me like-y $10 pants. It's so funny; I've been in a job where I have to wear dry-clean only dress clothes for so long, I only have about a weekend's worth of casual wear.

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