The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good


This morning started out ruinous. I-thought-I-was-fired ruinous. Suffice to say, I got in to work late, and ended up leaving early.

Midmorning, I received a call. It's VolcanoSoft and we finally have a full-time technical writer position, if you're still interested. Yes. Yes, I am. Long story short, I and my resume are going into Boston tomorrow to see about a career change. For the better. It's an interview, so I have no illusions about getting the job, but boy oh boy did this ever come at the right time. I've been *this* close to walking from my current job. It's not a bad job; just not the right career... not the right field for me.

At the risk of working myself up for nothing (and don't kid yerself; I've been spinning on this theme all afternoon), this job:

  • means I can commute by MBTA; going entirely carless in the Spring if I want

  • means no more neckties or dry cleaning bills

  • means I can listen to my headphones while I work

  • means I can work from home if I need to

  • will pay me to write

  • has a casual office atmosphere (at times too casual, but I'll take any job that makes me look like a workaholic compared with the avg. employee)

  • should allow me enough spare cash to not only pay off my credit cards but start saving money

  • is not a dead end where the only way to make more is to sell more

  • will surround me with geeks and nerds, instead of crabby old folks

  • Plus lots more!

Shit, man. This is like, a real job. Not a placeholder. I feel like Pinocchio about to become a real boy.

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