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Thanks, Evan

darksmile's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an
"interpretation" of the content in darksmile's

Normally I'd post this in the seat of adventure. I
wake have Thank goodness for an Intellectual,
and you been a million little doorways all the
state of Confusion; incredible wealth of sad
songs I don't have Thank goodness for all the
crux of the framed photo of from there it starts
with? I'll be fine I had my journal these people
that will feel, like girls. Screwdriver dentistry;
turn a crush on my wondering eyes see the
randomizer go, eventually these people that
genuine boyfriend routine is the what your touch
deceives me the rest of place. Fuck people that
try to keep take a mystical State of Your touch
deceives me an Intellectual, and when I of that
love as a good eating, if I probably should I will
yell at Who aced her name, the days I like no
But that I still good eating, if I want a State of
youth knowledge a brownskin man you really
swear devout You'll never leave I love as my
mom will I dragged it in safe mode, and thoughts
now it rhymes.

-- darksmile

You can sub in your own username. You can also reload it FOR GREAT FUNNESS:

I think the roses have six boxes all: of Eureka!
Ahem Penis; above but I could see: my
birthday. Hello? Ahem Penis. I've filled my aunt
sent me I'm rolling down Rodeo with interest and
I am the Intellect you'll never leave, I don't know
we played for me.

How you soak up this book that was going to for
The more of place. Here's the stages we played
for Governor of Eureka! I leave, I want to read the
randomizer go, eventually: these songs I don't
believe in the coming year Or angels watching
from above but I got this Mensa Page A day
calendar that genuine boyfriend routine is my
the framed photo of, a Ghost mystical State of
that I for so I had a crush on my own car
Schrodinger wouldn't know, that it starts With
every bridge that begins and you'll take a
chance Like no one. It. Why me but once all the
answers to Dutch abdicate the backstreets of
your natural as gaga as well as natural as

I can neaten this entry up later. I'm supposed to be packing up.

"Jeanie said when she was jus' 'bout five years old, 'Y'know, my parents are gonna be the death of us all.'"

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