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Got a green light but I'm goin' nowhere

Tonight's party really sucked. I sound like Tom, I'm sure (Happy Birthday, Tom!) when I say it; all bitter and antisocial, but it was poorly executed. Well-planned, but poorly executed. A lot of alcohol; everyone who drank was drunk by 10PM, and lameness reigned. The birthday boy was happy, he got to play drunken SoulCalibur, and it was his damn party. Why did I need to get something out of it?

There was an attractive and receptive femme we (Joe and I) ran into outside of the party, who proceeded to disappear into her room. She was apparently not invited to the party in her own house, which was too bad because she looked like she'd be good for a chat. So I was disappointed, natch. I mean, everybody's looking for sex these days. I just want some damn company.

When you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

Finally understand that song. I thought it was about cheating for the longest time.

Filter 0wnZ m3, d00dz. In other news, that is.

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