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Eh, why the fuck not?

Ran some errands this morning; part of that was grocery shopping. Decided not to buy any more plasticware/paper plates. So today I went to BB&B at lunch to price some real stuff. My old silverware was a really cheap set I could bend with my pinky, and it had rusted pretty badly over the years. And my dishes... well half of them had been cracked or dropped while I was washing them in the sink. So I strapped a 16 piece dinnerware set to the back of my motorcycle with a bungee net, threw the silverware and the cups (also needed non-cracked and broken glasses) in a saddlebag each, and brought them back to work. Got them home in one piece (well, 16, 20, and 4 pieces, respectively) much to the delight and amazement of my gf. And even though we have radically different styles and tastes, she likes them.

Of course, now I have to actually do dishes. Up side? I might actually cook occasionally. And I have bowls for salad. Not plates. Wow.

Still shopping for a car. Got tired of rip-off artists on craigslist. Hopefully my credit will sustain decent financing. I was looking to get rid of my car payment, but for the same money or less I may be able to get a new or used econo/shitbox. I'm looking at the Saturn ION/Pontiac G5/Chevy Cobalt right now just because I have a GM Card with stupid crazy points on it. Add dealer incentives on 2007 models, and I've already got a few grand in my pocket. As far as used cars are concerned, I still need to narrow the field. Looking for a manual transmission, and something to get me through the winter. It doesn't have to be fancy because I plan to ride my motorcycle 80% of the time. From Labor Day til Columbus day, I think I put no more than 10-20 miles on my truck, compared with triple digits on the bike. All it needs to do is carry my dry cleaning (because I'm not yet crazy enough to build a rack on the back of my bike that I can hang a garment bag from) and handle ice reasonably well. I was looking for something fun, as well, but Fun ∩ Cheap = ∅. Oh well. Saturn's offering 0% financing, so hopefully I won't have to worry about getting too far upside-down on a loan when I'm ready to ditch it.

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