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From the Revisiting Overused Stereotypes Dept.

Why haven't there been more redneck overlord villain characters? Just think of it: instead of a cape, he could just have a really, really long mullet. And his goal will be world domination by way of building the biggest monster truck ever. I mean, that sumbitch must be like, 80, 90 feet high. And to switch things up, maybe he could have an incompetent German mad scientist as his sidekick.

"Lord Bubba, perhapsh if ve reverzed ze polarity—"
"Reverse the polarity? Shit, you tryin to kill us all? Don't you know the positron influx would annihilate the shit out of everything around us? Goddamn, you ignint."

I'm about a decade overdue to get back to work on roman_a_clef.

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