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Man, I could punch shit

Today I:

  • Went to get on my bike only to find the plate missing, presumed stolen.
  • Got a call from my gf telling me she'd been in an accident driving my truck.
  • Had to stand around in the hot D/RMV for an hour waiting for a replacement for my stolen plate, only to be told I had to pay for it. Even with the police report.
  • Finally got to work, sweaty and exhausted, clothes a wrinkled and soaked mess, at 11:30.
  • Rode up to bikeworx in Maynard (30-45 min ride) to get some bolts to hold on my plate (was using hand-twisted paperclips). Got charged for the bolts (I've never had a repair shop charge me for the bolts that hold on the plate; usually they just give 'em to you, esp. when you mention you may need service ($ervice!) in the near future), and lost my credit card in the transaction. At least my credit card's website let me cancel the card online. Not really in a mood to sit around on hold.

    I got no food. I could order some (will have to put it on a different card!) but I wouldn't eat until 9pm, I think. That's almost bedtime. Grr. I hate eating late, because then I don't go right to sleep.

    I miss working at VolcanoSoft right now. I could've just stayed home and worked from here. Def. want a job where I can telecommute. Hard to do that with front-line sales. I was tempted to tell my boss I wasn't coming in today, but I was out sick last Monday and I A) don't have the time saved up B) don't want to miss too much work all at once. But wow, I think I totally should have.

    Funny thing is, I was fine—even positive towards the end of the day—but losing the credit card just made me feel plain stupid, exhausted, and overworked. I need a vacation.

    The upside to not having a car: I get to ride my motorcycle everywhere. And that is awesome (as long as it's not blizzarding).
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