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This post in motorcycles has got me thinking. When my lease is up in October, could I go carless?

There is a bus that would get me to and from work, if I have transferred to my local BankCo office by then (which, really, should be happening soonish). I would have to walk a bit, which could be painful during the freezing winter months (I get colds easily). But the local bus pass is $40 a month. It would be hard to get a car insured and fueled for that little amount of money. I'd have to rely on the bikes (moto/bicycle) for transportation otherwise. I'm walking distance to groceries, my bank, the post office, the train, the library...

I dunno. I'm feeling like it's worth a shot. Maybe one of the days I'm covering for the office in town I can take the bus and see if it's a huge hassle. Meanwhile, I'll try to think of occasions when the bike wouldn't cut it for me. And I'll be sure to think of it in terms that minimize the amount I need to lean on my gf for her ride. I can get 2-3 days of groceries at a time, or use the Peapod service. $10 once or twice a month for a large delivery of groceries is not bad; and then the perishable items (cold cuts, milk, fruit) I can pick up on the motorcycle or just on my own two feet. Becca uses Peapod occasionally and really likes it. And goodness knows I hate to shop. (What I really need is a grocery Netflix. You send them your empty containers of whatever and they send you a new one. Too bad you'd need two of everything to cover the transit time.)

I could really use the money not spent on a vehicle, gas and insurance, too. At least until my credit's spiffed up a bit. I'm going to see about extending my pickup's lease for at least part of the winter months (love that 4WD), but come next Spring, I really shouldn't need a car at all. Especially if the money would've been spent on a car went instead to fixing up my dad's Goldwing. That bike would make a heck of a grocery-getter.

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