The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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It is done.

The rising sun warmed the sleeping earth, waking it and the wind. The wind rushed out to greet the water, still cold and slumbering; stirring the first waves of the morning twilight. And as the red sun crested the palisades, its top half was obscured by clouds; the last shrouds of night. For all the world, it hung there like a sleepy red eye, disturbed from its rest by the pull of one's daily chores and reponsibilities. The rousing river stirred the fish, who leapt above the water's surface to momentarily taste the sun and catch the breeze.

Eight family members, new and old, gathered together this morning and said good-bye to a wandering spirit and a traveller who had been trapped in one place for too long. Somewhere in that wind and water is my father.

Good-bye, Daddy. Don't forget to visit from time to time with stories of your travels.
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