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Making teh plans

What if God could suddenly talk? And after Aeaeons of silence, would we ever be able to get him to shut the hell up (no pun intended)?

So it looks like I'll be in Phoenix/Mesa in June. June 11th, the week of my birthday, no less. I hope I have time to rent a bike while I'm down there; at the very least for my birthday. The deal is that usually "someone" in your group gets a car, but not every trainee from out of town gets one. I'm going to post to motorcycles about renting a BMW while I'm down there. Probably this one. Or this one. But probably the former; since if I were to replace the KLR, that's probably what I'd want to get (maybe a Tiger).

This weekend, I'm going to my aunt's birthday party in NJ. I'll be back Sunday; nobody miss me too much.

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