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The Mother Road

20:37:53 Me: Man, am I ever jonesing for a road trip, though
20:38:09 Me: Being fully employed again will mean actual PTO, which means roadtipping possible
20:41:01 Me: I have been looking at US Route 1 most of the evening
20:41:48 Me: It would almost be interesting to see if one could do an end-to-end of US1 without ever leaving the highway
20:41:59 CB: That'd be a neat trip to try
20:42:11 Me: Eating, sleeping, etc. all along the road itself. Never using a side street etc.
20:42:20 CB: I bet you probably could.
20:42:22 Me: Gas and so on
20:42:23 Me: Yeah
20:42:33 Me: Would make a great book in the hands of the right author
20:43:23 CB: man, travel is so envigorating
20:43:32 Me: It really is
20:43:40 CB: I didn't even do a month, and man, it changed my entire mindset and life
20:43:41 Me: Next Sunday I'm going to VT for dinner
20:43:50 CB: how far is that?
20:44:05 Me: I'm not entirely sure
20:44:20 Me: I'm going to take NE Rt. 12 (MA-12, NH-12, VT-12)
20:44:43 Me: I haven't figured out the distance, and there's no map site online that will let you pick your roads the way I'd like to
20:45:27 CB: mapquest used to let you pick a bunch of points and then map that... they may still
20:45:36 Me: I should get some of my road-and-code loving friends to put together something like "", the map site that allows you to find the best non-highway routes
20:45:54 Me: Yeah, you can do that, but like, how do you say, "What's the quickest way to get to Rt. 12?"
20:46:03 Me: You need at least an intersection
20:46:56 CB: Yeah.
20:47:09 CB: It'd be nice to have one where you could use a normal map... click on waypoints, then have it do the magic.
20:49:02 Me: Yup
20:49:37 Me: The nice thing about the US1 trip would be that one the way back, you could see all the stuff you missed
20:50:03 CB: True.
20:50:30 CB: In retrospect, I wish I would have done more with my road trip.
20:50:41 Me: Yeah
20:50:42 CB: But all that driving alone was tough, and the budget went out the window so early.
20:50:44 Me: It's always so hard
20:51:09 Me: The only way to do a road trip right is to never end it
20:51:24 Me: And that only happens in the movies
20:51:31 CB: I had a buddy from high school that afterwards went out on the road for liek 2 years, doing odd jobs and such to earn a living
20:51:42 CB: But he had to have his mom send him money periodically
20:51:46 Me: I have thought about that so many times
20:51:47 CB: I couldn't do that.
20:51:50 Me: But yeah, no money from home

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