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Home early

I went to work early this morning to give myself some time to get ready before my interview with *******. The interview went well, I think. The interviewer was late because he went to the wrong branch. I think I handled it well ("I hope I wasn't the one mistaken; that'd be a heck of a way to start an interview." I wasn't.). No word on whether or not my present employ will be extended past the end of the month.

I think I'm going to work from home tonight, after I do some more python coding. I defined my first function-within-a-function today. I took the early train (16:10) home and it was relatively empty. We were in Ashland before I knew it (stop before mine, when I have to start powering down the laptop). There was relatively little traffic on the commute home, too (I was only stuck behind 1 car going 25 mph rather than 8 or 9).

If you have eyes, you should check out low_delta's recent entries, as they contain one-quarter bazillion gorgeous picatures.

Also, I got a spam e-mail about chainsaw consultancy. I'm thinking about it as a potential career field. Brings new meaning to the term "downsizing."

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