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I been worked

So today I had my first day of full-time work since the first week of August in 2005. Okay, so it's temp, and I'm trying not to get too attached to it, but I really like the place and the people. I can see why tckma loves his job so much. Everyone's really excited to have me and they wasted no time integrating me into the staff (I already had to attend two meetings today). Things are so laid back; I was probably the dressiest person in the place (!!!). I got invited to lunch with the senior engineers, and we talked about Heroes. It's so amazing to be amongst other nerds, instead of people who have no idea what you're talking about when you mention "Dr. Who" or who look at you funny when you mention "Harry Potter" in conversation (oh, like you don't read them too, person who is looking at me like a 20-something sophisticate tough-guy should never be reading HP). Yes, we also talked about HP, and what JKR will do afterwards. I dunno. I feel like I 'fit' in this kind of environment better than I have anywhere else. MUCH better than sales/banking. Working at the bank, for those familiar with Gaiman's Sandman, was like Ken's dreamstate (money money car girl fuck money mortgage points sales money money fuck money). Guh, soulless.

My commute today was a little odd; I was driven to work by my lovely contadina. So coming home I had to walk to South Station (which will be normal), take the T to Park St., transfer to the green line to North Station, then took the commuter rail to Waltham, then walked the mile or so back to Becca's (Waltham doesn't believe in shovelling sidewalks, or this would have been kinda pleasant), got in my truck and took US-20 home so I could stop at the Hannaford's and the Boston Market to pick up some things.

Stupidness happened, though. I tried on three separate machines to purchase a monthly ride pass for March, and then went to a window. I kept getting refused, and then when I got home, it turned out there was a fraud warning on my card! Bah, I should hopefully be able to buy the pass tomorrow. Still, aggravational. I was able to buy a 12 ride pass for the rest of the month, though.

Hopefully, future commutes will be smoother. I'm going to bed now so I can try to wake up and shower before Tom. We're both slugs in the morning, and late risers, so this should be fun for the next five or six weeks. I'm going to look into motorcycle street parking, though, so I can ride into work at least on the days I'm coming in from Waltham. Plus, if I can do it without paying for parking, it'll be way the hell cheaper than paying for whatever monthly pass I'd end up needing (if I go perm/when I find my own place/etc.). I'm awash in hypotheticals, and I'm not sure how that makes me feel.

Also, from IRC tonight:
(09:40:30pm) (@[fandango]matt) On Her Majesty's Very Special Service
(09:40:58pm) (@Eideteker) Now I'm visualizing a handicapped James Bond
(09:41:14pm) (@Eideteker) "Do you exshpect me to talk?" (plinth suggested changing this to "walk")
(09:41:28pm) (@Eideteker) "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to cry." *kicks over wheelchair*
(09:41:34pm) (@Eideteker) "Damn, that was cold."

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