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What's up, LJ?

I have a full-time (temp, through the end of March) job. I got hired at tckma's company doing QA. I'm basically a beta-testing monkey. Whoo!

My problem is this: It's temp, possibly to perm, but I have another company I'm in the process of interviewing with right now that wants to pay me double. It's for a non-profit doing business lending. The pros? Money, freedom (I only have to go into the office 1-2 days a week), and more experience with small businesses/startups in case I decide to start my own. The cons? I dig myself further into the hole of sales, leaving my resume undiversified. It's pretty much a dead-end unless I start my own business. The pros of staying with Tom's company? Diversification of my resume, including possible tech writing experience. And the schedule is flexible if I want to keep interviewing 1-2 interviews a week. The cons? It's not guaranteed to go perm, the money is not much (though if it goes perm, that should change), commuting is heck-spensive going into Boston. So I'm not sure how to handle this; I want to keep interviewing for permanent f/t work while working at "VolcanoSoft", but what do I do if I get an offer? I can ask them to defer til April, but this may cause them to go with another applicant. How do I handle this delicately?

EDIT: Ok, I got a call from the placement agency on the non-profit job; they're looking for something else from a candidate. Besides the fact that my references were "stellar" according to the agency, they wanted more experience. Yet they sent another woman's resume in to the company, with a completely different skill set, and they loved her. So, ok, whatever. But I still have to secure paying work for April, while still temping full-time. I'm not sure how to balance that.

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