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MySpace Jam

I say "remember me" but you never do
We are the myspacers, neither proud nor few
Too big to count, too much to share
I'll sell you my soul if you promise to care

MySpace, the place my face will grace
Every day, in and out without a doubt
I refresh and refresh and I'm feeling it less
Your design bleeds my eyes and I'm left to guess

Girls that are boys sell themselves to get toys
Could you just click this so I can get an iPod, please?
Oh, sure, there is no reason
But if you delete me then it's treason
And I'll report you as a spammer to the authorities

I want more comments
I want more friends
I want more kudos
The "I want" never ends

I took myspace to bed last night
Woke up to fuzz and banner ads on my jock
7 friend requests from teeth pearly white
20 angry messages telling me my rap
Was misclassified as rock
And an rash I can't refresh

I'm gonna start a website
You can post your MySpace there
And if it's good, and if they care
People will comment on your MySpace fair
Or unfair, if they hate you for listing "Starbucks" as an interest
And my page will be the best there ever was
And it will be featured on
Move over, turtles, it's my my my all the way down

My my my I want and I want and
My my my and I want and I want and
My my my my my my my my my my my oh my
Why? Space isn't cheap in the world
But electronically it's like dirt
only cheaper
MySpace expands to fill a vacuum
Advertising creates a vacuum where none existed before
Ads fuel MySpace
You can see where this is going
and so can the turtles
on the way down

Unstructured, I ruptured my eardrums
on the music you played when I loaded your page
Unrequested, but thanks anyway
I really needed to hear that cover of "YMCA"
And gee it's real swell in your picture you're flirty
But from the looks of it your bathroom mirror is dirty
Can't see much else cause your closeup's too close
And your use of the flash is clumsy at most
Thanks for the shot of what I think as your boob
And yeah, I know it's also featured on youtube
Call me peculiar, call me a n00b
But myspace, you can brood alone in your silicone
black-dyed, hair over eyes, home-brewed crude
HTML one-point-twoed fake-ass drama-ergic
entropic, hot topic, indecent descent
overhyped sarcastic and snidely sniped
hit-it-and-quit-it ready-made global make-out party

I can't wait
for your ultimate fate
You'll lie in state
in my Top 8
Tags: stream of consciousness

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