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Work? Alright.

Last night, I got to work half an hour early so I could play pool with tckma before my shift. I got pestered to set something up on the register, and nagged to set the Patriots game up. I don't even pretend to care about sports, what when I can be playing pool. Once punched in, I got the game playing thanks to more a willingness to play with the wires than any technological know-how. Well, ok, maybe 50/50. The nice thing, though, was that once the game was over, I flipped the tuner through the channels and found Smokey and the Bandit playing. So between helping customers, I was sitting up on the counter, watching Smokey smoke cops and Jerry Reed introduce them to Cletus Snow. On the big projection screens. With the blacklights on and the glow bowling in full swing.

Then, when I closed up an hour an a half after closing, money all locked away and reports filed (yes, reports at a bowling alley!), it was rainy outside, so I kicked up a little spray spinning my rear tires on the wet pavement.

Final interview tomorrow. Life is good.

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