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What type of Romantic am I, O,

I still can't figure out what test Eliza took, but I got this:

You are a Renaissance Man

Leonardo DaVinci's got nothing on you. A modern Renaissance Man, you know something about everything. You're extremely passionate about anything you can think of, from baseball stats to Dutch art. And you delve into all of them enthusiastically. Women are constantly impressed by how much information you soak up and retain, as well as your spontaneity and sense of adventure. Whether it's because you're extremely well-cultured or due to your romantic nature, they can't help but fall for you. As long as you're careful to keep your wits about you and stay grounded, any gal who winds up with you will feel like she's living on cloud nine.

Not bad.

Your type is the Intellect

You'll take a gal in glasses any day. As long as she's using them to read the New York Times or catch up on the latest independent film, she's your dream woman. You can see why Bill Clinton was attracted to Hillary, and you probably had a crush on your school librarian. You prefer a girl who aced her SATs and scoffs at "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (even though she knows the answers to all the questions). The more degrees after her name, the better. You're turned on by her incredible wealth of knowledge and love how she challenges you. What's more, you're savvy enough to know that lust is only part of the equation — you want a woman you can talk to for the rest of your life. Aim for an Intellectual, and you'll get what you're searching for.

I still think the Girl Next Door is my type.

Post Script: Oh, there it is.


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