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tease this amputation splintered larynx

I left you voicemail messages if you gave me voicemail to contact, e-mail, if you gave me an e-mail to contact. Now it is 6AM and I was going to be aslee 5hrs. ago. How will I wake up tomorrow and pack? Today?

Whatever. My mom will yell at me for not being packed. If I had my own car, I could be home in six easy pieces and no one could yell at me but my own stupid self.

Fuck people that try to control me. Fuck people that I have to rely on. Fuck people that offer me shit so I'm all indebted to take it. Fuck me for being so needy. Fuck me for being human.

"Too many hands on my time
Too many feelings
Too many things on my mind

When I leave, I don't know what I'm hoping to find
And when I leave, I don't know what I'm leaving behind."

No this entry is not directed at anyone not anyone that reads my journal these feelings have always been and will always be and do not apply to anyone but me in my self-hatred I'm actually feeling pretty good right now just overwhelmed but it's a good anger like a tempered blade I'll be fine

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