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Whose House?

My body decided to reboot itself last night (finally). Around midnight, I just blacked out and lost consciousness. Which is why every time you tried to start a conversation with me, Alison, you had to start over ("Do what now?"). I woke up long enough to shut my computer down and drag my ass to bed, but I must've been asleep slumped over in my chair for a good half hour or so. Subsequently, I woke up at something like 5:30, and after 15 minutes of restless rebuilding of the anxiety the night's sleep had erased, thinking about bills, and how my lease is set to expire and I don't yet have a job or apartment lined up, and the papers I have yet to write; after all that, I figured I wasn't going to be able to sleep. Rather than poot around on the computer (Lorelei calls it a pooh-tah), I dusted the cobwebs off my sneakers (ok, cobweb, singular), threw on some shorts and dirty clothes (ha ha, take that, godliness) and ran to Stewart Park. 8 minutes, no stopping, which means I'm in better shape than I thought. I've been thinking about picking up some chain lube for my bicycle (just lubed my motorcycle's chain yesterday, go me), because I really prefer the bike to hoofing it. Plus, I can take the bike downtown within a reasonable amount of time for things like going to the Diner or to my games club. And I found some neat trails that wouldn't be too much to ride on a given morning before sunup.

I walked around Stewart Park a bit (not running, but still better than sitting on my ass), deliberately got myself lost, ended up crossing the railroad bridge that runs alongside 13 (yes, I felt the rails for oncoming train activity; I have no desire to reenact Stand By Me), walking along the tracks and then under another bridge to come out by the high school. I ran around the high school and back home and here I am now, in need of a shower and food. Since I have no food, I have to go out. Last time I went to Wegmans in the early AM on a weekday, it was empty. I hope it'll be likewise today.

Better get moving. Those papers aren't going to write themselves (despite me having given them plenty of time to do so. Lazy fuckin' papers).

"you can do a lot in a lifetime, if you don't burn out too fast"

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