The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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Ripping old friends

The other day (Friday, to be exact), I ripped a bunch of CDs that were in my third auxilliary travel CD case, and among them were:

I haven't performed a comprehensive survey of my entire collection, but if I had to guess, I would say that in 1993-6, I really liked bands. Gasp, that correlates with time served in high school! Sadly, I am now of the age (as predicted by Joe) where new music is all crap. I live for discovering and rediscovering old music (and yes, I've started getting into classical). I try to refrain from decrying current music as derivative pap, because I am so totally Through Being Cool.

I saw A Scanner Darkly and enjoyed it. Yay, bargain matinees at local indie theaters.
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