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Things I did

I just slept for about 12-13 hours. Well, I woke up at six to some lovely thundershowers, but then was in bed til after two. So much for my Saturday morning plans! Work is at 5, so it's kind of a wash to go to the lab now, considering I need to eat and shower, find my lab materials, and get set-up. It'll be time to leave by then. I am pleasantly surprised with how thunderstormy Ithaca is. 2-3 storms every other day or so; it reminds me of living in the Midwest.

Yesterday I took my bike out and around after my counseling appointment. Two minutes in, I got pulled over for passing one car on the shoulder to turn right. The officer just wanted to check my license (I'm trying hard not to say pretext), and this is not the first time this has happened. Strange that it's only the Cornell Kops doing this. Then I went for a ride up by IK, ended up at Buttermilk Falls, where apparently they let the creek wash across the road in one section. I walked it across the first time, knowing there was about a 50% chance that it was not a loop and that I would probably have to turn around and come back this way. In so doing, I learned that my left boot (the one I shift with) is letting water in (enough to make my foot damp for about 15 min) while the right one is still able to be over ankle deep with no seep. So I should probably clean and waterproof them both again. I got off the bike and went on a short (5 min?) walk on one of the trails, didn't see too much of interest, and so turned around. On the way back, I was trying to estimate the effect of the slick and spongy moss growing on the submerged road surface, the effect of the current, and the drag from the water I'd displace. Should I stand up to weight the pegs and move my center of mass lower? So I came up to the stop sign, rolled down the embankment into the water and was out on the other side before I even had a chance to get up on the pegs. All my careful estimation for nothing! And there were butterflies everywhere. Especially the deadly Monarch. I found what is perhaps the sharpest turn in Ithaca, one road south of the Buttermilk Falls turn off 13. I came into it too hot, but there was no way I couldn't; it was basically like the box turn they make you do on your motorcycle road test, where you have to do a U-Turn in the space of four adjacent parking spots (or smaller). Nothing for it but to lean over further and just go for it. I threw in a little trailing brake and managed to stay on the road. Fun AND scary. I was probably in very little danger if any, but my spider-sense was tingling so I was at my most alert. I came back and did it UPhill, and it was much less scary. Nothing like the feeling of pitching headfirst down a hill to get you to sit up and pay notice.

If you've ever wanted to see how Dark Side of the Moon synchs up with the Wizard of Oz, it's on Google Video. I haven't had time to watch it yet; maybe after work.

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