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it must've been years

Had a weird dream today (yeah, my sleep schedule is desynchronized again) where there were these annoying stinging flies, bright turquoise in color and they would fold or curl their abdomens beneath themselves when not stinging. I didn't realize this was a recurring dream motif for me. Perhaps not as common as teeth falling out or the like are for some, but interesting to note, anyway. What's funny is that I went to "" in my dream, and the bug was called Karensomething somethingelse-ia in the scientific catalog. I don't even know anyone named Karen, not for years. So I'll listen to this Len song, which mentions a Karen.

I set my alarm for 4pm so that I'd be tired enough to get to bed again tonight. I need to get showered and drop my rent check off (late a day, but there was a holiday, right?). I have no food in the house, and I already used yesterday to order Chinese. Maybe I will just get something quick to bring home, eat it, and get back to bed.

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