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MetaFilter: The 10th dimension is the time it takes you to get there, and to get your nut off.

Everything you ever wanted to know about superstring theory, but were afraid to pull out of your own ass. Based on this link, which it is recommended you view first. You may or may not want to take the time to read the other comments in the thread; I have quoted anyone to whom I am replying. Yes, it is full of assumptions, errors, and bad analogies, but I am rather proud that my brain still works and I'd like to see any of you do any better. And by any of you, I mean especially bram, even though I think it's not really his field within physics. Because really, I do want to understand string theory. And if it's wrong, I'd like to know why (which, I admit, is not fully proveable at this point in time; so maybe let's just say whatever better ideas may be out there).

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