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I'll back that ass up with my tractor beam of loooove

[00:05:43] * mmo is watching a drunk-ass friend piss away money at poker
[00:06:35] <Eideteker> I hope it's paper money
[00:06:44] <Eideteker> I would hate to see someone try to piss a coin.
[00:08:32] <mmo> eide: it's e-Money, the easiest kind to piss
[00:09:06] <Eideteker> Ah, electron piss.
[00:09:17] <trondant> don't be so negative.
[00:09:26] <Eideteker> Oh man
[00:09:39] <Eideteker> I'm going to pen a comic book about a hero whose power is that he pees positrons
[00:09:44] <Eideteker> ANTIMATTERPEEMAN
[00:09:47] <tone_loq> hahaha
[00:09:54] <tone_loq> wouldn't his dick blow up?
[00:09:57] <Eideteker> "My pee will annihilate you"
[00:10:03] <tone_loq> or does he have an electromagnetic wang?
[00:10:05] <Eideteker> No, his dick is solid neutronium.
[00:10:16] <trondant> that's gotta hurt
[00:10:18] <Eideteker> It weighs as much as ten thousand dicks
[00:11:01] <Eideteker> And women are attracted to it, gravitationally.

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