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Whoa, REM

I must've gotten more than 6 hours of sleep last night because I had a REM-rebound. Massive amounts of dreaming going on. And, contrary to usual, there were actually people I know in my dreams. Lots of them. I started having microsleeps (little blackouts) at 12:30, so I know I was tired. I must have reverse narcolepsy or something, because I can't go into sleep normally. Frickin' insomnia.

I circumnavigated Cayuga Lake yesterday, after it occurred to me that I never had (Seneca Lake, but not Cayuga). I stopped off at the Pines and got a Pineburger (Pinesburger?), which was indeed delectable. I didn't have my camera, which is a pity, because I stopped off at Ta-gon-ic (I think that's how it's pronounced) State Park. Holy Cyclopean falls, Batman.

And I realize there is a lot of stuff around here I haven't checked out, or hiked. I need to visit Buttermilk Falls, too.

I hooked up the stereo in my bedroom, as well as the turntable. I listened to my new, autographed Laura Branigan LP last night, and this morning woke up to actual music. On the radio! And yes, it was ICB. I switched to VBR and they scolded me with the Steve Milquetoast Band followed by The Dave Matthews Band. Sorry, VBR, but sucks to your assmar!

I found three DVD rips I hadn't yet encoded, so I'm going to encode them this week and free up about a dozen gigs of HD space.

Gotta ride my bike to class while there's still sun (rain forecasted Thursday)!

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