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Sunset Park

I just found the most awesome secret park in Cayuga Heights. Bad news: there's no parking. Good news: It's less than a mile from my apartment building. Bad news: It's almost entirely uphill (and by almost, I mean the actual park itself is flat, requiring no climbing once inside). Good news: It has one of the most amazing views over the valley of Ithaca I've ever seen.

Idiot: I forgot to turn off the heated handgrips on my bike last night. While my hands were wonderfully toasty on the way home last night, this morning I couldn't start the bike. So I have to recharge the battery. And tomorrow, I'm supposed to take the bike in for some more maintenance. But I need a nap. Badly.

This weekend, I should say "fuck it" to schoolwork and take a multi-hour long ride to scrub my new tires and render them more roadworthy. Maybe Saturday or Sunday I'll circumnavigate one of the lakes again.
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