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The Deck

I just had an idea. I was thumbing through an old paperback of mine when I found a playing card. And I had an idea. The deck. Read a book a week for a year, and use one card as a bookmark for each book. Leave the card in the book when you finish it. Decide on an order for the deck ahead of time and when you're done, you will have a way to trace throughout your collection what books you read in what order.

I don't know if I could dedicate the time to something like this, but it'd be cool. And it sounded like one of those "OMG MUST POST THIS TO TEH INTERNET" things you see linked all over your friends list.

Any extra books you read (should you end up ahead of schedule) get the jokers.

Not to emphasize quantity over quality, but for those who have a burning desire to read more this could be a neat gimmick. Worth the cost of one deck of cards a year.

Man, have I ever had "Idiot Kings" stuck in my head. The line "my reptile-lidded eyes" I have been hearing as "my red, doll-lidded eyes." I was picturing someone so sleep deprived or stressed that their bloodshot eyes were no longer unconscious control. Like one of those dolls whose eyes close if it lays down, if I stop now I'll just collapse. And since that's not what Doughty was singing, I'm free to use it myself. I'm often glad when I mishear lyrics creatively because I'm not very good at figurative language (with the exception of metaphors; I can stretch metaphors farther than vulcanized rubber). Misheard lyrics are often the springboard for some of my more abstract poetic concepts. Of course, I seldom write them down, so I can't remember any other cool ones right now, but I do remember them when I listen to the songs that trigger them. Which is why I am currently in the process of listening to my entire ripped music collection (currently just shy of #1300).

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