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Bumperstick THIS!

"I'm an anarchist, and I vote." Have I posted that already? I don't think so, but who knows? Some day, I will start a t-shirt and bumpersticker company, just like every other schlub on the internet.

In other news: this anxiety shit? Way out of hand. It is becoming a major ordeal to psych myself up to eat food, let alone do the laundry. I really think the depression is not chemical and is instead an offshoot of the anxiety. Because I still want everything I can squeeze out of life. I just lack the swaggering overconfidence and hubris that would make possible my meteoric rise (but meteors are known for their fallingness...) and obligatory consequent plummet.


I pretty much want to be acting/doing comedy full-time. With my abilities, I am on the way to becoming Steve Carrell's character on the Office (supplied courtesy reverend_dave). You have no chance to survive make your time. Other than that, music is the only thing saving me right now. Someone get this man a guitar and a ridiculous emo haircut!

Happy birthday, Alison. Je t'adore!

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