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The None

Who says humanity needs to be saved?

I'd like to do a story that turns the traditional tale of "The One" on its head and has someone come to a small town and not save anyone. Another take on my idea of the NeutralChrist. Rather than being the savior, he shows people that they don't need to be saved, individually or as a whole. Life's not 100% roses, but it's not 100% shit, either. There are ups and downs, but are things really so bad?

So, in closing:
Fuck Jesus the Christ
Fuck Stranger in a Strange Land, also
Fuck The Matrix, especially, for infecting an entire new generation
Fuck anything that mentions "the one" or "the chosen"; not merely because they're de-empowering (someone else will fix it), but because they create a problem that doesn't exist. Your local minima/maxima are not global. Until you can define the entirety of all there is, you cannot define what is "wrong" with it. You cannot "fix" things. You can only change them. It's up to each of us to measure subjectively the positive and negative consequences of our individual actions. It is up to no one to chart a course for the whole of humanity. Because then it's your course, and it's only right for you (and then even it's wrong to say "right"). And what might be right for you may not be right for some.

Wrong and right are dead. It's only the best of all possible universes if you make it so by taking the good from every situation. Make lemonade, but for Chrissakes (fuck his sake, too!) don't salt it up with your tears. Lemonade is a good thing, even if you were disappointed to get lemons initially. Reflect on that on that disappointment, learn from it, and move on. Every time that you do, the association of lemons with the joy of drinking your own hand-squeezed lemonade will become stronger and stronger until you look forward to lemons. And on that day, you will drink the best of all possible lemonades (subjectively).

That was more closing than entry. No remorse! I'll just learn from it for next time. Think of all the thoughts I'd lose if I restored the entry so that it ends with the Fucks.
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