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Ah, crumbs.

Posted from the Music Library between classes:

I dropped my bike today. Cold tires plus cold, dirty pavement (snow's been melting, leaving grit on the road; I'm filing that away for future reference). I hit a loose patch on the hell turn going up Lake St. past the Gun Hill apartments. Bike had to be towed, bent gear shifter, couldn't start it. Bent pride. The adrenaline's starting to wear off and now I've got the stiffness. I think I ought to skip bowling today (dammit) and head out to the bike shop to see what the damage will be. I'll need a new helmet, too. The front of my full-face has a nice chip where my teeth might have been (and since gone missing). Other than the inevitable soreness of a drop at 20 mph, I'm fine. Just one more thing to worry about, though. Might as well get those new tires I was thinking about, while I'm bleeding my savings. And I have to clean my Aerostich suit, which is now a different color than it was when I bought it (but otherwise fine).

I was late for my music notation final (the 1-credit addendum to Music Theory for drummers and other non-musicians), but got to take it in office hours directly after. I have no idea how I did (though the instructor said it looked good) because of the endogenous chemicals racing through my system.

Maybe I'll scrub my tub and take a bath in salts later. I needed to go shopping anyway. I don't know if I still have any Advil at home from last time, but I know I've got percoset (if it's really bad) from my wisdom teeth extraction. I paid for 'em; might as well use 'em before they expire.

There was an Ithaca PD car two cars ahead of me on the hill; he saw me go down and came back to help me. Very, very nice guy. Called for a wrecker (or tow-truck; wrecker seems like the thing you call to tow semis) and dropped me off at class once it came. So, uh, big shoutouts to the IPD. He asked me if I wanted to file an accident report, but I declined for insurance reasons (accent on the first syllable, dammit) though told him I would if it looked like anything medical was happening (right now it's mainly my knee and my neck that are sore, but no more than any other sudden fall from standing height; better actually for the suit's padding). My back always hurts, but I'll be monitoring it for pain.

Hey, it's good to be alive.
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