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Getting the most out of my tuition dollar

Bowling class is working. I got a buck fifty-six today (we started scoring). With the "low-tap" method of scoring (9 pins in the first frame is a strike), used due to the imprecision of our equipment, it would have been a 206. Tore my thumb open, though.

Also, music class.

In other news, I'm so bloody lonely. I've got this game thing on the weekends (mainly we play set/Uno/Chinese checkers/backgammon; not like D&D gaming, fewls) and I was just accepted into this comedy troupe on campus (composed primarily of ENGINERDS; we'll see how that goes). So like, real people maybe? Sometimes? We make the hanging out? Whatev. Online people are not doing it for me lately. I would have quit the Internet earlier this semester if I didn't need to download so much coursework from it. Stupid Internet.
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