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Shopping with "The Itis"

Oh, man, I got the itis. On purpose, I went out and got a whole mess of ribs, fries, and chili. I'm used to doing my grocery shopping on an empty stomach (~24 hrs. since last meal). Today, I went on a full stomach, and I could not get out of there fast enough. The secret to weight loss is eating a whole mess of food once a week, and then doing your grocery shopping afterwards. Anything fatty or carbohydrate-y will make your stomach turn and you'll come home with salad, greens, and fruits to carry you through the rest of the week (with a bit of fish/chicken thrown in). So if I'm up 2 lbs. today, I'll probably be down ½ a lb. every other day this week.

Next week: Cooking with The Itis!

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