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What the stealth?

Firefox just popped up a dialog while I was typing, took my press of the space bar as assent, and installed something. What the fuck? I've always hated the way Windows likes to steal focus from the user. Case in point, I'll be dragging the mouse down a menu, looking for my selection, and something will pop up. Whereever I was on whatever submenu is obliterated. It's like physically taking something out of the user's hand.

So I have no idea what I installed, what options it comes with, and even if it was actually Firefox or some spyware or something. Whatever it was, focus should have remained in the original window; even if the dialog was "always on top" like Winamp. Don't transfer the focus to a dialog box WHILE I'M TYPING, and for god's sake, don't make the default response "YES, OK, WHATEVER, JUST STOP BOTHERING ME" if you do! Make it "Cancel" or "Later."


"I don't think I ever read a Metafilter thread this long with such a high signal:noise ratio." *toot* Yes, that was my own horn.

And because I totally promised her I would, I'm going to link you all to maeincarnate's very excellent and very cute necklaces at Zipperneck Designs. Don't feel pressured to buy anything just because I'm on a 10% commission. Feel pressured for my grandpa, for 9/11, for America.

C'mon, click it, bitches. How can you say no to that smile?

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