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There's such a thing as TOO MUCH reading.

I was admitted to the English class yesterday after submitting the prerequisite writing sample. I've decided not to take 2 PE classes this semester, no matter how much I wanted to take the handgun course. Of the remaining classes, if I drop the class I was planning to drop (the other English class, because really, who needs THAT MUCH reading?), which meets at 13:25 on T/Th, I'll have just one class on Thursdays, and it'll be over by 11:30. That means I can (theoretically) be in Boston in time for dinner on Thursdays. That is, until I screw things up by getting a job of some kind. Still, it's nice to know the option is out there, since I am SO SOULCRUSHINGLY ALONE here. It would be nice to have that time in case I need to do job interviews outside Ithaca (e.g. NY or Boston), as I would have the whole of Friday to go places and interview.

I totally rode my motorcycle today even though it's below freezing. There wasn't much frost except for on the grass and on my ignition circuit. (Once I got the bike running) The only place I encountered ice was in the parking lot behind Space Sciences because the sun hadn't got there yet. There wasn't a lot of it; I barely noticed it until I was off the bike and walking to class. I continue to win hearts and minds with my awesomeness. Whenever people ask me how I manage to ride in the winter, I reply with: "Shee-it, it ain't no thang!" because people like it when you play up the black thing. Laws, yes.

I'm totally going to clean my apartment by February. I'm thinking of taking some "BEFORE" pictures to humiliate myself into submission. I might even post 'em. Child services would take my kids away, if I had any. And I was thinking today that at my age, my dad was expecting me in a matter of months. Yeah, sure, we're all getting older all the time, but to put it in a different perspective, if I were my dad, my life would be half-over (take that, "quarter-lifers" — who all apparently plan on living to be at least 100). If I were my grandfather, I'd have less than 20 years left. But if I'm lucky, I'll be the first nigga in my family to die of graduate school. Failing that, who knows how long I could live? That's the point; that's why I ride a motorcycle. Who knows when I'll check out? Fuckit, dude. Let's go bowling.

If I quote Lebowski a lot this semester (as in more than usual), it's because I'm taking bowling. And I need a bowling shirt, ASAP. Bonus points if it has "Dude" embroidered on it (despite my insistence that people not call me "dude" — that rule is suspended on the lanes).

The watchword this semester is "schedule." Regulation is liberation. Clean living space is a part of this. I'm thinking I can do the first couple of classes without my PDA this semester, so I can send it in for refurbishing. I'll have to see what Palm's policy is on refurbishing discontinued units, and if it still costs only $125. As I've been having trouble viewing PDFs on it, and most of my readings are online this semester, it might just be better to buy a cheap/used laptop (the ones I'd had both died) that can display PDFs. It's probably better if it doesn't do internet because the problem I'm having is that sitting at the computer = distraction central. So if you don't see me online, it's not that I'm avoiding you; it's that I'm avoiding you. All of you. Distractors! Time Burglars!

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