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Morning DJ

Hey there. Happy Friday the 13th! I'm playing "Chanteuses," a set of all female singers. Feel free to tune in on teh Intarnerts as you prepare for your daily routine.

I don't know why, but I'm so damned optimistic this morning. It may have to do with my decision to go to bed at 20:30, and waking up at 04:30 completely refreshed, with hours and hours of day ahead. It may be the forecast which shows I'll be able to ride my motorcycle again today (before a 30° drop in temperature and snow this weekend) for a fifth time this week. It's certainly not the fact that I have a midterm to prepare for today. But hey, I'm down five pounds since Aruba (which leaves just 10 lbs. of holiday weight to drop, and then the other 40 lbs. I shouldn't have in the first place).

I'm going to make breakfast today. And it's going to be good.

Radio's Over. Here's the playlist.
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