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High Weirdness

A Cornell Parking Enforcement vehicle gets its very own ticket.

In front of my truck as I emerged from the Tops grocery store this afternoon was a blue christmas tree air freshener, just as seen in Repo Man. Funny, I could swear that wasn't there when I went in only five minutes earlier.

As a select few of you know, my only "resolution" for this year is to use the word "nigga" more often (it's really time to retire "..., bitches."). Thanks to the reverend_dave, who introduced me to the Boondocks cartoon series (among the DVD rips he gave me, as I don't have TV service), my new favorite linguistic corruption is "nyu(c)ka." It comes from overenunciating nigga to the point it sounds like "nee-yi-guh" which becomes "nyugka" when you round the i sound out, finally settling on "nyuka." Sounds best when said by 70-80 yr.-old black men in a street fight. There's a certain amount of mouth-foam that's required. God bless (and praise Jah for, while we're talking to imaginary dudes) the half of my heritage that renders linguistic fluidity into an artform.

Mythbusters should test that whole "1,000 throats can be cut in a single night by a running man with a knife" premise. Because really, can they?

ACK! Google is in BRAILLE today.

I hate tomatoes.

But not in this lifetime.

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