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Adapted from MeCha

Re: New Doctor Who
Finally home, finally saw it. Need time to digest. If the Eccleston was sort of a lonely 35-ish Engineer who does theater on weekends (and had abandonment issues), Tennant is a younger Doctor who grew up rolling dice, reading comics, and watching Hong Kong action movies. He's got that very sort of "What I'd Hoped to Be When I Grew up" feel to him. My hope is that it's not just too much. Eccles did a good job of showing the Dr's limitations, but this new Dr. is a bit too good at everything right away. "Hey, I'm sexy and smart and also a good fighter and extremely clever oh and I've also got that crazy Doctor unpredictability TO THE EXTREME YO." In my old radio station, we had a sign on the board that said "pinning the needles does NOT make the music ROCK" and I hope that this is not Tennant's weakness as the Doctor. I'm sure with time he'll pull it back a bit and show some more dynamic range.

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