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It's Kwanzaa, bitches!


Stuff I got (and this is just from the missus' family; I haven't seen mine yet):
A cool metal sculpture motorcycle
A motorcycle noisemaker
A shirt
A socks
A bacon press
A bacon air freshener
A B&N gift card
A leather toiletries bag
A umbrella
A tan (moreso than usual, thanks)
A box containing: A book on how to wear kilts, a Teen Titans DVD and the first season of Pete & Pete likewise
A several cookbooks
A day-book (in Dutch)
A Mont Blanc (admittedly a knockoff)
A multiple-picture picture frame (for all those embarassing shots of contadina)

And since no good deed goes unpunished, Becca's role in smuggling gifts in from Stateside for the kids of a woman working at the Marriot earned us a $100 for an oceanside restaurant where we have reservations for tonight.

Yes, life is hard. I have no idea how I will deal with having to return to snowy Ithaca by way of icy Boston. Getting a job (or two)? Attending classes? Shovelling snow? Missing my boo? Insuperable! or so it would seem.
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