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The reverend_dave and I have been hanging out for the past two days. Tomorrow, we're going to Boston where I'll be meeting up with contadina and flying to Aruba. WOE IS ME. I picked out about 8-10 books to read because I hate sand. I just hope being on a tropical island will help me forget it is Christmas, because forgetting Christmas this year feels great. I haven't bought any gifts, and the only cards I've made are for people I've seen in person to hand them to (two cards, for those counting). Not having to worry about anyone, or their feelings, or their celebrations or observations is a comfort to me. I could go every year without Christmas, and I say that without spite, malice, or righteous atheism. I still feel, however, that people will take affront if I refuse to acknowledge their holiday. And how can you raise kids without Christmas? I've thought of giving my kids a yearly review on their pay scale (no allowance; but they're paid for their chores, less room and board) and perhaps a bonus for good behavior. Ah, a true libertarian capitalist (a real American) am I. Is it evident I used to work at a bank?

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