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You mean like going to grad school (by any means necessary)?

The name King Crimson was coined by Peter Sinfield as a synonym for Beelzebub, prince of demons; according to Fripp, Beelzebub is an anglicised form of the Arabic phrase "B'il Sabab", meaning "the man with an aim." Oh hell yes. Good-bye, "Destined to Fail Magnificently", hello "The Man with an Aim." I shall also use my crimsonest icon for this one.

This comes from me trying to put together a new setlist for Radio MeCha. This one revolves around guest artists, or at least started that way.

  15:12:24: I was putting together another radio playlist
  15:12:33: It started with guest appearances
  15:12:42: Then I sort of moved into side projects
  15:12:58: and I wanted to include Blind Faith, but that's more of a supergroup
  15:13:11: So I made the mistake of looking up "supergroups" on teh wiki
  15:13:23: This could keep me quite busy for some time.

I'll be rebroadcasting tonight from 7pm to midnight PST. Yeah, I'm going to take a nap. It's already getting dark outside, so I'll take advantage of that once the dusk is complete. It's the same set as the last two times (with all long songs).

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