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C'mon, c'mon.

Happy Katanakka, everyone.

I found out how "Vauxhall" is pronounced today; like "voxel" (at least by the British). Since it looks French, I'd always thought it was either "vaw-hawl" or simply "vall" with the silent x-ness. Those crafty British.

I invented the best aerobic activity for me tonight. I'm no good at jumping rope and jumping jacks bore me, but I'm currently enthralled with beatboxing-boxing. I beatbox, right? and though I have no pretense to being insanely fast, I do alright. So the principle here is that I indeed beatbox as normally as possible, but for every beat I spit, I also throw a punch. No mere feints here; I swing as if to make contact. And since beatboxing itself requires a lot of oxygen, adding boxing to it means that I'm straining within minutes. Though maybe that's technically anaerobic. I really don't pretend to understand health medicine.

One final left to go, tomorrow morning. This final will determine if it is my final final or if I get an Extra Life. Also, it'll probably have some bearing on Grad School (which I've pretty much decided to give a shot), where being in the 99th percentile will no longer be enough. I'll need some of the extra nines behind the decimal point as well to distinguish myself from a field where I've got a 2% chance of being among the top applicants selected to matriculate all over the place.

In other words, I should be studying!

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