The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Load your program. I am yourself.

Link in the subject line has an embedded sound... but it's an "official site." You can see the dilemma posed to me.

For anyone who still wonders what the heck an eideteker is: The Man Who Never Forgot.

I'm not a perfect eideteker, not so complete and absolute as that. The idea in choosing that name for myself online was the idea that my brain + livejournal = almost perfect recall. To some extent, I've been able to increase my recall by using my brain as an indexing system to find things on livejournal. Then add teh wikipedia,, google... and you can see why I feel withdrawal when denied internet access. I have begun to integrate mind and machine into a cybernetic organism, bitches. Envy me.

Transcen-dance with me?
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