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Someone else watched the Bondathon on Spike TV this weekend.
I have to wonder if there's any connection between this activity in the frontal lobe of introverts and activity in my newly beloved Dorsal Lateral Prefrontal Cortex (which I suspect is the "seat" of dream control).
So... I've stumbled into running the brand-new MetaChat Book Club. It's the National Bibliophile Society all over again! I may insist that the "official" name of the book club be the "National Bibliophile Society: MetaChat Chapter" in deference to that earlier organization... and to the fact that I'm doing all the work. I wonder if I can grab a domain and resurrect the NBS. Are there any names out there like or whatnot that are unused? Hmm. . . .
John wrote an interesting entry a while back, and turned it into a column recently. It's probably of particular interest to Tom, as the topic is "Just Friends."
I passed both 8th grade math and 8th grade science, though that was years ago. I passed 8th grade math a year or two before 8th grade science (I was in 10th grade geometry in 8th grade; long story. Got to take math sitting behind a cute high school chick who was supernice to me, though). Now it is *I* who am left back.
Speaking of, does anyone remember Geometer's Sketchpad? My Phillipine math/comp sci. teacher in 9th grade pronounced it like "Geometer's Sexpad." That was the most fun class in recorded history. We are talking All. The. Way. Live.

UPDATE: That pandora thing didn't last long. Now it's Radio David Byrne. I think I may have to do a broadcast of my own during Study Week. As soon as I figure out how to set up a station.

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