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I'm awake anyway

I want to sleep so badly. I've been up just over 12 hrs. and I'm already prepared to forfeit consciousness for the time being. Too bad I've got class and then a project meeting! I may blow off the project meeting (I discussed this with my partners); especially if it's a matter of being awake enough to ride home (hopefully) before it snows.

In other news, LJ comments can't get through because the new servers are not whitelisted yet, but I can still get all the spam I can eat! (though I think TFH is not having this problem, at least not yet; but GMail seems to)

When I get my new desk set up, I should use the timer and tripod for my camera to get a picture of me collapsed asleep at my desk that I can use for moments like this when I am just *worn out* period.

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