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Arrested for driving while metric

At least I'm not the only person for whom Order of the Phoenix is a blur.

I need a heated vest. It's 3° out (which is like what, 276 K?); and that's metric, biotches. Add the 70 mph ... I mean 110 kph? wind chill of motorcycling and it adds up to I can't feel my feet. Metric is hard. I think I'm going to start measuring all speeds in m/s. "But officer, I was only going 30 m/s and the sign said 55!" (don't worry; I don't think my bike can do 55 m/s).

And of course it is tckma's birthday. That guy is like way old today. What are you, Tom, like 30?

The Liberian election may or may not be settled (?). I plan to talk to my Africana Studies professor about it (I've already e-mailed him some links) and I may make an FPP on MetaFilter about it (assuming someone doesn't steal my idea). It will have to wait because after class I'm going to Staples to pick up my desk (+ accessories)! I got a Uni-ball Vision Exact pen earlier this week, and I can feel a powerful jones coming on. I feel like splurging on a Moleskine.

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