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Four hours and I still don't have lighting. Since I couldn't find a floor lamp with 2×150W illumination, I bought two supercheap 150W floor lamps from Target. That took the first three hours. The last hour was spent in an unsuccessful search for fluorescent 3-way bulbs that would work with the lamps. Target sold out (they had them when I was there yesterday) and no where else seems to carry them.

Oh, also the desk I ordered from Staples has now officially been "lost" for a month. The manager is going to talk to the GM tomorrow. The implication was that I picked up the desk, when I never did. The guy was nice about it; I don't think he thinks I'm trying to get a free second desk (what would I do with a third desk?), but I guess he's going to have to bring his GM around on that point.

And now I am going to be late for my class at 1900 because I decided to eat dinner (which is breakfast for me).


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