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I had a dream last night (or this morning, rather) that someone asked me for information on doing a home equity line. I had to tell them I had no idea what Fed Rates were doing lately. Today, the Fed raised the rate. Christ, Almighty. I've been gone what, three months now? and I'm still psychically attuned to this BS.

In other news, I got my truck registered today. This is good, because my NJ registration expired today. So now I'm totally a New Yorker. And that means I can look at ordering custom plates (which supposedly take 3 weeks here, not like NJ's 10 weeks).

Once again, when studying, it feels like the material is a wall and I'm trying to pound my way through with my head. Oy.

Oh, and I got my first "best answer" on Ask Metafilter. Go me! Go, my fragile derivation of self-worth, as well!

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