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Maybe I might've changed

Today is the 5th anniversary of my livejournal, and this is my 2,500th entry. I have actually been keeping a journal since May 5th of 1995, so when I talk about not being able to stick with anything for a protracted amount of time, I am obviously incorrect. A lot of people reading this are on livejournal because of me; I might even have some livejournal grandbabies (folks who were suckered into it by someone I'd suckered into it). I signed up five years ago when some girl from IRC showed me hers and I decided I'd like a place for my writing and poetry that didn't require any FTPing. I quickly discovered her "friends" and stole a whole bunch, starting with somabrak, whose wedding I later attended! Suddenly, this internet thing was much more social and more integral a part in everyone's lives than we'd ever thought it would be. We had a quick and easy way to keep tabs on each other, especially as we left school. Of course, it is all thanks originally to the conversatron, which we found through True Meaning of Life, which we were linked to through Penny Arcade. The rest, they say, is history.

5 years ago... I was failing out of Cornell, but finding love! I was on the radio, and rocking at it.

4 years ago... I was learning to stand on my own two feet, for 20 hrs at a time, if necessary.

3 years ago... I renamed my journal. I got my first real promotion.

2 years ago... I got my PDA, got another promotion. I got back in touch with my dad.

1 year ago... I was making more money than I ever thought I'd see. I had come to the decision to abandon the 2-party system; which itself marked my return from a hiatus of apoliticality. And I took a hiatus from lj for a few weeks as I prepared my first attack for a return to Cornell. And I had achieved my life-long goal of becoming a motorcyclist.

Today, I'm going to try to get a cab so I can get to Gannett and get my foot checked out. I've been off it all morning, so I don't know how it's doing. I was going to talk to my advisor about winter session, but the course selections are kinda weak. The only A&S courses are Econ and Intro to the Qur'an. Yuck.

I just gotta say after recapping like that: WTF, yo, five years and I'm back at Cornell! So weird. I never would have guessed the answer to "where do you see yourself in five years?"

Let me just wrap up by saying: I love you guys!

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